lundi 13 octobre 2014

A Room for Our Books

Book is a publication that has been printing and binding. In a narrow sense, and which are in a state where a plurality of paper was binding the one end. Page of the one side of the paper in this state. It is possible to obtain information one after another by which to turn the page if it is reading a book. In other words, the scroll is not included in the book in a narrow sense. Called this fold what was appearance of folding bellows stretched out a scroll not be a step-by-step Shikami from the end, to open any page, while others were bound by (the side that has not been written the letters) the back of the Orimoto I said that in a narrow sense as "this".

To the left binding right binding, if the body is horizontal if the body is vertical. In addition, international standards that have been adopted by the UNESCO General Assembly in 1964, "to the present, not taking into number of pages cover, the body consists of 49 pages or more, at least, the non-periodical publications that have been printed," you define have. You are classified as a booklet of 49 pages less than 5 pages or more.

Origin of language

Originally, the Chinese character referred to as "the" was used to refer the book and turned from meaning "hit the basic of things." Statement (Fumi), there is also a word books, classical books, and books in addition to old. Book of English, Buch German is out of the word to refer to the beech wood of ancient Germanic peoples, livre French, libro Spanish comes from the words endothelium of the tree of Latin called (liber) originally.